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High Net Worth

Ordinary policies protect assets. Sentinel preserves wealth, and much more. Sentinel’s approach to property and casualty coverage is sophisticated and strategic.

Our clients enjoy innovative wealth preservation strategies, smarter liability coverage, maximized benefits, identity coverage, art and antique appraisals, a concierge approach to claims, and more.

Our team understands that preserving your wealth means acting on the risks we can foresee today, while simultaneously planning for the risks that may come tomorrow.

Experience the Sentinel difference:

  • Smarter liability coverage that focuses on severity, rather than deductible or frequency.
  • Maximized benefits that ensure the best return on your investment through simplified loss strategy scenarios.
  • Coverage that prevents gaps and overlaps.
  • Comprehensive cyber and identity theft coverage.
  • Secured trusts and corporate structures.
  • Insurance solutions to protect minor children.