When you work with us, you get a partner. And we protect our partners and their assets just as we would our own.

Practice Segments

We have segmented the firm into functional areas that are designed to address the specific needs of their respective industry segment:

Complex Risk
Accounts over $100m annual revenue, multinational, publicly held or utilizing an alternative risk strategy
Middle Market
Accounts $5m to $100m annual revenues
Accounts under $5m in annual revenue
Specialty Risk
Practice Groups
Agricultural/Agribusiness, BioTech, Executive Risk, International, Medical and Dental Practices, Pollution, Privacy and Security, Professional Liability
Private Client
Personal Asset Protection for Individuals

Private Client Services

Asset Protection vs. Wealth Preservation

Whether you’re looking to protect your assets or preserve your wealth, we have good news for you – because at Sentinel, this is what we do.

Asset protection is focused on putting an insurance policy in place to make sure assets that are lost or damaged will be replaced or reconstructed.

Wealth preservation is about making sure the value of your existing assets doesn’t decrease or erode while taking into account factors like inflation, protection against capital market risk and more. It also involves estate planning strategies to help mitigate the effects of taxes, as well as exit and succession strategies from businesses, and ensures that you and your family can feel more comfortable about your long-term financial future, no matter what happens.

It’s important to have a comprehensive strategy that covers your needs, but many just don’t have the information they need to make good decisions. That’s why we start with a structured process that makes the analysis tangible and focused. The outcome? A true understanding of your risk profile.

Risk Analysis

Sentinel. We chose our name carefully—because we take our work seriously. We see ourselves as sentinels, poised to watch over and protect your assets. And we do that through a collaborative risk-analysis process that allows us to advise you on your best options to identify your exposures and deliver effective risk management solutions.

First and foremost, we place special emphasis on getting to know your operation. Because all companies are unique, your risk strategies and insurance coverage should be too.

Our experienced team of professionals will help identify and implement strategies that not only protect you, but will provide measurable results, so we can continue to analyze your specific risk and insurance needs.

Services include a coverage and risk analysis, on-site inspections, contract and risk transfer review, loss history examination, and employment protocols—and that’s just to name a few. We have extensive in-houses resources available in claims management, loss control and safety, as well as a host of additional resources offered by our carrier partners. We put all of these services to work for you.


Who insures you doesn’t matter…until it does.
And when you have a claim, your insurance matters the most.

Our claims advocacy team represents your interests and drive to full and fair resolution of a claim. We adhere to a claims protocol that ensures prompt reporting of claims, persistent follow up for adjuster information and claim numbers, active follow up on status and appropriate levels of intervention when necessary.

Our Claim Services Include:

  • Claim tracking
  • Claim reviews
  • Claim audits
  • Claim analysis
  • Coverage advocacy
  • Catastrophic claim management
  • Experience Modification calculations
  • Creation and maintenance of claim manuals
  • Claim Closure Program
  • Subrogation advocacy
  • Renewal advocacy
  • Assistance with Third-Party Adjuster (TPA) selection
  • Assistance with Risk Management Information System (RMIS) selection
  • Complex claim advocacy
  • Assistance with defense counsel selection
  • Development of claim handling instructions
  • Assistance in claim investigations
  • Loss trend analysis
  • Predictive modeling

We adhere to a proprietary five-stage claim process that ensures our clients receive proactive service, and fair and prompt resolution of claims.

Safety & Risk Engineering

Prevention and mitigation of risk and loss is of paramount importance to every business. Sentinel Risk Advisors is committed to providing safety and loss-control services to our clients.

  • Client advocacy and insurer oversight
  • Safety Program development
  • Safety Committee development
  • Safety Meeting topics and management
  • Safety Training and development includes:
    • 10 and 30-hour OSHA courses
    • Ergonomic assessment and improvement
    • Behavioral safety development
    • Fleet safety
    • Slip/fall prevention
    • Overall public and workplace environment
  • Property loss control
  • Loss analysis and trending
  • Risk management audit

Forecasting & Renewal

Insurance provides protection not just in the present, but for your future. And that’s why we build our client service program with an eye to the future.

Throughout the year, we publish reports on the risk and insurance market forecast; trends in risks, issues, insurer capacity, and availability; rates, retentions, and deductibles; mergers and acquisitions; and local, regional, national, and global considerations. Not only are these reports available to you, but we use them to conduct informed forecasting to best advise you and eliminate the potential for surprises.

Our guidance isn’t limited to just insurance costs. We also assist in claim, loss control, loss prevention, and risk management advocacy to ensure your investment is always fair and balanced.

Too often, we hear from prospective clients that the services they receive from other agents or brokers are just enough, come just in time, and allow them to just get by. Furthermore, renewal notices rarely include transparent competitive choices, options and alternatives.

We provide you with choices for alternative risk management strategies, and make sure you understand them. Our renewal process is an ongoing cycle of discovery geared to giving you what you want, need, and value. And we’ll work with you across the entire continuum of risk financing, from guaranteed cost to total self-insurance, and everything in between.


Businesses are increasingly dependent upon international operations through:

• Supply chains • Exporting products and/or services • Foreign-based subsidiaries • Staff traveling on company business

International risks require specialized insurance knowledge, as well as local in-country teamwork and coordination. Through our partnership with Globex International, we have partnerships worldwide; the ability to communicate in 15 languages; and teams in over 160 countries. This gives us the ability to provide you with personalized service, taking into account:

  • Local customs
  • Local laws
  • Country compliance
  • Premium accounting
  • Market intelligence and education
  • Policy forms
  • Insurance regulations
  • Risk management services including:
    • Loss control
    • Appraisals
    • Claims
    • Captive funding
    • Alternative risk financing mechanisms
    • Global Risk Assessments


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