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Chad Champlin

Chad Champlin

Client Executive

Chad Champlin’s 15-year career in the insurance industry is marked by an elite level of expertise managing risk across multiple platforms and markets. The crux of Chad’s career has been spent managing complex risk portfolios for Fortune 100 companies covering a broad spectrum of industries, including healthcare, automotive, energy and manufacturing, among others.

Chad, a California native, has managed risk from both the carrier and agency side of the insurance industry. That’s significant, as it owes to Chad’s depth of expertise with risk management tools and solutions, and has made him an excellent problem solver on behalf of his clients. He is passionate about helping businesses manage risk by leveraging their assets, mitigating threats and capitalizing on opportunities.

Prior to joining Sentinel, Chad held business development and marketing positions for respected multinational risk and insurance companies. He holds a business degree from Masters University, is married and a father of four. In his free time, Chad enjoys being active in his church and attending motorsports events.



Bachelor of Science, Masters University