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Contractual Risk Transfer: Basics and Best Practices

Contractual risk transfer provides the education enabling detailed discussions surrounding common (and not-so-common) contractually assumed risks. The basis of contractual risk transfer is an agreement between two parties whereby one agrees to indemnify and hold… Read More

What Does a Transitional Market Really Mean?

By Jim Holmes, CPA, Managing Partner There has been a lot of discussion recently regarding the insurance marketplace. Many have predicted a continuing change in the marketplace throughout 2020 and beyond. Faced with unprecedented structural… Read More

Directors and Officer insurance premiums on the rise

D&O To Feel Sting of Social Inflation in 2020

Trends are often hard to see coming until, one day, they bring about enough pain to get everyone’s attention. Commercial auto has been feeling the sting of social inflation, the trend once dubbed the “culture… Read More

2020 Insurance Market Review and Forecast

Change. Transformation. A touch of chaos. Sentinel’s 2020 Insurance Market Forecast reads like a good suspense thriller. And like all great books do, this one ends with the good guys (that’s you, commercial insurance consumer)… Read More